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Patel Patterson is remarkably unlucky. After losing his parents in a buffalo stampede, he's forced to move in with his surly, garlic-munching Aunt Gilly in rural Illinois. Things can't seem to get any worse-until a pair of blood-sucking demons come knocking, looking for his vampire-slaying aunt and a key that could unleash the Apocalypse.

Being the new kid from India is rough enough without being hunted by vampire cowboys and aquatic mob bosses, but when Patel accidentally binds himself to the doomsday key, he draws the ire of The King of Death-a ruthless hunter who will stop at nothing for a single drop of blood. To reverse the curse and save the world from a vampire scourge, Patel will need a champion's sword, the righteous power of math, and just a little bit of luck.

Coming October 2018:

Patel Patterson

and the

Apocalypse Key