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About the Author

After graduating from the world's premier naval academy, H. Kates got out of war games and into the world of children's literature. Aside from being an author, she also considers herself a professional adventurer and has chalked up misadventures everywhere from the streets of Mumbai to the ranks of the French Foreign Legion. If she's not being all "entrepreneurial" about the writing gig, you can find her running for ridiculous distances, training her pet rats, or playing honky-tonk piano.

Having accidentally swallowing a cursed key, Patel Patterson finds himself entangled in a magical misadventure that whisks him across the world. Here are some pictures of my own travels that served as inspiration for the book.

Patel starts his journey in Mumbai, India...

...but is sent to live in Heyworth, Illinois.

He then flies to Paris, France, all the way to Notre Dame.

Patel's next stop is Morocco.

He then flees to Bar, Montanegro...

...but is persuaded to hide out in Tokyo by a smooth-talking djinn.

Of course, all vampire slayers end up in Romania sooner or later.